What Energy Means to Us

Energy, many people have heard that word, but much fewer actually know what it encompasses. That isn’t to say people don’t know what its definition is, but they may not entirely understand the gravity of what the word implies. Energy, is the amount of force required in order to complete a certain task. This at least is the linguistic definition. The scientific definition is brought to us by a famous physicist with a formula that you may recognize. E=MC2, or, energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, is simply a mathematical principle that allows us to calculate energy levels in an accurate and consistent way. This formula was created as a practical means of measurement by Albert Einstein, but has since then taken on a new meaning, as it represents energy and all we have learned about it over the past hundred years or so. Everything around you is composed of and uses energy in one way or another. The computer that you are probably using to read this requires a sustained amount of electric energy that is usually defined by watts and voltage. This is an easy example, as energy also exists in less obvious forms. Energy does not always have to be constructive, the amount of energy generated from a hurricane for instance is massive, enough to power an entire city if we could harness it, instead, it usually only causes power outages.

Michael Matvieshen

Michael Matvieshen

Energy is a broad topic with many subjects to cover, but the important thing to remember is that all things contain energy. Matter is just a condensed form of stabilized energy. If this is hard to understand, think about gas, which has a mass, and can be lit to power an engine.

Michael Matvieshen is a CEO who is concerned with progress and finding sustainable energy sources for the future.

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