Why Fossil Fuel is Obsolete

For a significant portion of our history, ever since its discovery, man has been utilizing fossil fuels to do amazing things. Fossil fuels have allowed us to easily transport ourselves with record speeds across land, traversing spans that previously took months to do by ox and cart. With the modern invention of the car, as well as the fuel of gasoline to power it, man’s reach has been furthered substantially. This fact becomes even more apparent when you look to the sky. Fossil fuels have propelled us across our own blue skies and beyond, making possible some of the fastest travel imaginable across entire oceans and continents. This has all been made possible by fossil fuel. Fossil fuel has even aided us in leaving our own planet’s orbit and exploring the stars beyond. The point that I am trying to make is that fossil fuel is certainly a valuable and powerful commodity with many practical uses. The inherent problem with fossil fuel however, is that it simply takes too long to form. Fossil fuels are the result of millions of years of slow decomposition until it becomes a rich and volatile deposit of fuel. This is a problem because the process is far too slow for humanities consumption rate of the very useful resource. Not only that, but fossil fuel tends to burn very dirty, releasing harmful and abrasive chemical compounds into our atmosphere that tear apart and thin the ozone layer.

Michael Matvieshen

Michael Matvieshen

Though fossil fuel has certainly served its purpose for humanity over the years, it is now time to look for cleaner and more efficient and renewable energy sources that will bring us into the future.

Michael Matvieshen is a professional businessman who has been working diligently to improve solar powered energy sources.

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