Michael Matvieshen – How Solar Energy is Changing Technology Development

Michael Matvieshen is the CEO of Sunlogics Power, a noted renewable energy company that designs, finances, and implements solar energy systems in North America. They are most well-known for their work with General Motors, where they planned and installed solar energy systems in GM facilities worldwide. Matvieshen has been working in the solar energy industry for almost a decade, and he has seen firsthand how solar energy is opening up new possibilities for technology development.

Many large companies are now switching to solar energy to power their offices and vehicles, and the United States military has even gotten on board with solar powered military bases as well as the use of solar power while on deployment through portable solar batteries. Solar power is also changing the way that people power their vehicles. There are now solar powered cars and boats, and now even a solar powered plane called the Solar Impulse. It has solar panels on the wings to collect sunlight as it flies, and it can catch a very concentrated amount of the sun’s energy by flying at a high altitude.

Scientists and engineers are also working hard every day to develop new solar solutions that can reduce humanity’s negative impact on the environment. One amazing project that is still in development is the solar roadway. These roads would be made up of solar panels that could generate enough electricity to power large areas around them, making it easier for people to use green energy without installing their own solar panels. While this idea is still a long way from being implemented, it has a lot of potential. As a professional in the solar energy industry, Michael Matvieshen is excited about new technological developments in this field.

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