Michael Matvieshen – Environmental Conservation is Everyone’s Responsibility

In a world that is increasingly becoming aware of sustainability and the effects of greenhouse gasses, the conservation of the environment plays a big role in achievable environments. Michael Matvieshen, a professional businessman who’s worked in the solar energy industry for a while, knows the positive effects the use of renewable energy has for future generations. Mr. Matvieshen has helped establish solar projects in countries across Europe and the United States, and through his company, Sunlogics Power, provides solar solutions for General Motors.

Michael Matvieshen

Energy and the environment are almost tied together, so working to improve energy efficiency not only results in financial savings but also reduce dependence on natural fossil fuels that so easily pollute the earth. There are significant benefits to be gained by individuals and businesses adopting energy efficient technology such as solar power. These include a lower demand for fossil fuel and reduction of air, water, and land pollutants, which in effects leads to reduced impact on the climate.

By conserving energy, homeowners and businesses play an important role in reducing the emissions that are factors in global warming. Some businesses are leading the way, such as General Motors Ventures Inc.’s decision to invest in Michael Matvieshen’s Sunlogics PLC in 2011. Through the deal, Sunlogics would install solar charging canopies and large-scale solar arrays at GM facilities. With Mr. Matvieshen leading the management team at Sunlogics, the company was the suitable partner to develop and operate the installations that would help GM harness the power of solar at its facilities.

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