Michael Matvieshen – Sound Product Development Practices Are Key to Advancement

Technology development projects are the foundation that brings new products and processes to reality, which are vital to the growth of modern companies. Michael Matvieshen has worked in technology development for the past 25 years, mainly as an entrepreneur and innovator. He’s worked on numerous projects, with notable achievements including designing and implementing solar energy solutions through his company, Sunlogics Power.

Michael Matvieshen

While many companies will prefer to adopt a custom framework for their product development work, many are rooted in the following key aspects:


A developer can only work on a product that is clearly defined. Before any designs or prototypes can be rolled out, it’s important to understand the requirements. Customers input is primary in this process.


It’s important for the developer or engineer to understand the technologies that will be required to make the product a reality. He or she can attend vendor meetings and read books to get this knowledge, or source for proposals that can provide as much information as possible.

Design and testing

Once the developer has an idea of the technology required, he or she will be tasked with figuring out how to configure the technology to meet requirements. Configurations and diagrams are an outcome at this stage.

With a design ready, the development team seeks to test it. Having a good test plan ensures that identifiable goals are measured and any shortcomings noted.


All the previous work leads to the implementation of the proposed product. For Michael Matvieshen, implementation means creating the solar solution that meets customers’ needs.

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