Michael Matvieshen – Sound Product Development Practices Are Key to Advancement

Technology development projects are the foundation that brings new products and processes to reality, which are vital to the growth of modern companies. Michael Matvieshen has worked in technology development for the past 25 years, mainly as an entrepreneur and innovator. He’s worked on numerous projects, with notable achievements including designing and implementing solar energy solutions through his company, Sunlogics Power.

Michael Matvieshen

While many companies will prefer to adopt a custom framework for their product development work, many are rooted in the following key aspects:


A developer can only work on a product that is clearly defined. Before any designs or prototypes can be rolled out, it’s important to understand the requirements. Customers input is primary in this process.


It’s important for the developer or engineer to understand the technologies that will be required to make the product a reality. He or she can attend vendor meetings and read books to get this knowledge, or source for proposals that can provide as much information as possible.

Design and testing

Once the developer has an idea of the technology required, he or she will be tasked with figuring out how to configure the technology to meet requirements. Configurations and diagrams are an outcome at this stage.

With a design ready, the development team seeks to test it. Having a good test plan ensures that identifiable goals are measured and any shortcomings noted.


All the previous work leads to the implementation of the proposed product. For Michael Matvieshen, implementation means creating the solar solution that meets customers’ needs.

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Michael Matvieshen – Environmental Conservation is Everyone’s Responsibility

In a world that is increasingly becoming aware of sustainability and the effects of greenhouse gasses, the conservation of the environment plays a big role in achievable environments. Michael Matvieshen, a professional businessman who’s worked in the solar energy industry for a while, knows the positive effects the use of renewable energy has for future generations. Mr. Matvieshen has helped establish solar projects in countries across Europe and the United States, and through his company, Sunlogics Power, provides solar solutions for General Motors.

Michael Matvieshen

Energy and the environment are almost tied together, so working to improve energy efficiency not only results in financial savings but also reduce dependence on natural fossil fuels that so easily pollute the earth. There are significant benefits to be gained by individuals and businesses adopting energy efficient technology such as solar power. These include a lower demand for fossil fuel and reduction of air, water, and land pollutants, which in effects leads to reduced impact on the climate.

By conserving energy, homeowners and businesses play an important role in reducing the emissions that are factors in global warming. Some businesses are leading the way, such as General Motors Ventures Inc.’s decision to invest in Michael Matvieshen’s Sunlogics PLC in 2011. Through the deal, Sunlogics would install solar charging canopies and large-scale solar arrays at GM facilities. With Mr. Matvieshen leading the management team at Sunlogics, the company was the suitable partner to develop and operate the installations that would help GM harness the power of solar at its facilities.

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Michael Matvieshen – Useful Insights on Solar Panels

Michael Matvieshen has worked in the solar energy industry for a number of years as Sunlogics PLC CEO, where he’s helped develop over $50 million inbuilt solar projects. He’s also signed off on over $240 million worth of solar developments on General Motor Corp.’s sites around the world. Thanks to his (and similar companies’ efforts), more residential and commercial customers have access to renewable solar energy.

If you are a homeowner wishing to install a solar panel, how much do you know about the technology?


Solar PV (photovoltaic) systems

Certain materials are capable of producing electricity when light falls on them (the photovoltaic effect). Solar panels are manufactured to take advantage of this effect and convert the energy produced into electrical energy. An inverter unit (installed as part of the system) converts this energy into alternating current (AC) that is suitable for the home. If there is any excess energy produced, it can be channeled into the electricity grid, for which homeowners can be paid, or directed into a battery storage system for future use.

Solar panels work when they can face the sun directly, with no trees or shades blocking the sun’s rays. In the absence of sunlight, as a result of bad weather, for example, solar panels might harness the sun’s energy, though this might result in less power production. Surprisingly, the hotter it becomes, the less efficient photovoltaic panels become. Thus, it’s important to read about temperature tolerance and how correct installation ensures the panels can cool efficiently.

Michael Matvieshen is the current Senior Strategic Advisor to the board of DayStar Technologies.

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Michael Matvieshen

Michael Matvieshen (6)

Michael Matvieshen is excited about using renewable energy to ensure reliable energy solutions for the future.To learn more about Michael Matvieshen visit at : https://michaelmatvieshen.wordpress.com

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Michael Matvieshen

Michael Matvieshen (5)

Michael Matvieshen has built an impressive resume as an intelligent business leader with the confidence to oversee global projects.To learn more about Michael Matvieshen visit at : https://michaelmatvieshen.wordpress.com

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Michael Matvieshen

Michael Matvieshen (4)

Michael Matvieshen was the President and CEO of EPOD Solar, Inc., a solar energy company with projects in numerous locations around the world.To learn more about Michael Matvieshen visit at : https://michaelmatvieshen.wordpress.com

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Michael Matvieshen – The Growth of Solar Technology

Michael Matvieshen has been in the solar energy industry for more than 10 years, during which he’s helped establish solar projects worth millions of dollars in various countries around the world. Currently, he is the CEO of SunLogics PLC, a company that designs and finances solar energy projects.

Michael Matvieshen

Micael Matvieshen

In his career, Mr. Matvieshen has seen the gradual decrease in the price of solar technology. Half a century back, the cost of solar technology was almost $2,000 per watt, which made solar panels only useful for large projects like the US Vanguard 1 Satellite. However, as the technology has advanced and the cost of building solar panels has reduced, solar technology is more affordable.

Beyond the conventional photovoltaic (PV) cells, manufacturers are coming up with better ways of concentrating solar power to heat water and drive a turbine. This is contributing to an increase in solar power generation, even though it does not compare to the use of solar PV cells around the world. In developing nations, solar technology uptake is growing fast. India, for example, is looking to develop an international solar alliance. China, the world’s largest solar producer, continues to invest in large-scale solar farms. Even in less affluent nations like Bangladesh, solar home systems are providing power to individuals in places where the power grid isn’t available. As the economies of such nations grow, solar power is tipped to become the cheaper option for providing power.

Michael Matvieshen is enthusiastic about the increased growth of solar technology and its benefits towards the environment.

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